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Posted: 06/04/2011 by B in random
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Morning fellow readers. Up super early today, whacked on my clothes in the dark so as not to wake the family, hoping my clothes are matching, even better, I hope I didn’t pick up any of my wife’s clothes, though that would be a tight fit.

Decided to listen to some 80’s tracks on the iPod this morning on the way to work for some reason, takes me back to the days that I don’t really remember, though I still believe it was the best decade to live in, but enough of that. At the station waiting for my train, a friend had spotted me with my head down kicking leaves about, I’m not sure what was in my head at the time, but at least I had company on the way in, it was a good catch up.

Half an hour later my train pulled up into the city, and before heading into the office, I went straight to my regular Cafe that I love going to because it takes me back to the time I was in Italy a few years back. It has the standard Venice mask, images of Italy and a giant pizza sign at the front entrance . This morning, they even had the Italian soccer live on television, the Barista was waving his hands about shouting abuse in Italian, anyhow, here is a shot of my coffee, and yes, that is King Kong in the background fighting a huge sea creature of some sort.



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