Posted: 07/04/2011 by B in random

Morning fans, and a morning it is with the sun rising and all that. It’s a cool crisp morning (I’ve always wanted to use the word crisp in a sentence, and not the potato chip type), forgot my earphones at work last night , so I just had the sounds of rush hour going through my head. I never found a friend on the station this morning, nor did one find me so it was a trip with mysterious strangers. The most mysterious of them all was sitting opposite me, he was covering his face with a book….??? I looked around, not sure what the deal was, there was no sun in his face, no bright light, no one pointing those laser pointers at him, and no camera’s, I wanted a book to cover my face too. His eye peaked out and caught mine, than he hid again….very strange character. I wanted to get a picture of this event, but thought that would have looked extra weird for onlookers. He eventually got off, but allowed his identity to be seen, so unfortunately, he wasn’t Batman.

I stopped off at my regular cafe again, the Italian soccer wasn’t on this morning so the Barista was calm again, I ordered my standard Long Black, which the Barista claims was made for Americans cause they could not take the strength of the pure Short Black shot. For me though, he only puts half the amount of water so I don’t feel so weak. Anyhow, no image for today….at this stage, need to find something exciting, maybe at lunch I will find the real Batman.


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