iron man and spiderman

Posted: 11/04/2011 by B in random

Another weekend has gone, and I am already looking forward to the next. Just had the worst porridge for breakfast ever, maybe its the fact that I under cooked it, perhaps because I put too much honey, perhaps because I am not with it this morning, being Monday, and its way too early for a human to be awake. Perhaps in the next life, I will be a much lazier animal.

My weekend started off well with after work drinks with “L” and a few other co-workers, then escaping to make it home in time to watch the rugby. I also got to see two super hero’s on Sunday, Iron Man and Spider Man who visited our local shopping center. My little boy was too scared to take a photo with them, so I did. Unfortunately I cannot post the picture because you will see my face, I will see what I can do with some clever photography software. It was funny to see a little kid run up to his dad and say “Dad, can I go punch him in the balls”.

Sorry I don’t have any exciting images like King Kong and a cup of coffee, but I am sure I will stumble upon something very exciting soon.


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