Posted: 13/04/2011 by L in random

Tired. That word pretty much sums up how I feel right now. I had basically no sleep last night, got to work at 7am and am supposed to be working back until around 8pm. I have no idea how I am going to last the next hour let alone the whole day. Well I do actually, lots and lots of chocolate and seeing as I don’t drink coffee a can of V later on should do the trick! Social commitments, family, the new girl in my life, buying a new car, finding the time to do things I enjoy like running, rock climbing, photography and sorting 25,000 photos from my last trip are all contributing to this tiredness. What I need is a sleep in. Lately a sleep in for me has been 9am but what I’m really talking about is midday. Oh yes friends, midday. Wow, if you read this far I commend you as this could quite be the most boring post in blogging history, for that I apologize.


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