vietnam in italy in australia

Posted: 13/04/2011 by B in food and drink, photography
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Yo Yo Yo to our millions of fans, “L”, Mushati (a secret name for a secret identity) and “I” just returned form a little Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in a food court we like to call little Italy, it makes sense. It was delicious, especially with the copious amounts of chilli we threw in. I opted not to use the chopsticks as they frustrate me after about a minute of use, so the fork and spoon sufficed. We shared a table the size of soccer ball where all the stitches are removed, and you spread it out, hope you know what I mean. It was an image that just came to my head when thinking of that table.

Drinking from the bowl was a must to adsorb all the flavors and left over chilli seeds, so the sweat beads were showing. Here is a pic of my bowl which I eventually polished off.

Enjoy the pic folks and go get yourself some Beef Noodles…



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