Posted: 20/04/2011 by L in food and drink

Olives, I have always hated them… Until now… To be perfectly honest I’m a little pee’d off that I wasn’t forced to eat them as a child. Nevertheless I have plently of time to enjoy this newly discovered taste sensation. Now I am going to share with you all a little story about how I came to enjoy olives.

Last year I went on a 5 month holiday mainly around Europe then Japan. I spent 2.5 of those months in Croatia where most of my family live. One sunny day in October my family had planned to pick olives as it was the perfect time of year. I jumped on the back of my uncle’s motorcycle and off we went to the fields. We were followed by a tractor with a trailer for storing the olives and some car loads of family members all wanting to pitch in. Basically the process was to place nets around each olive tree and then with some motorized contraption shake the tree branches violently to force the olives to drop off and onto the nets below. After the initial shake the next step is to hand pick the left overs and so we spend the entire day from sunrise to sunset picking. Five days later after a cleaning and filtering process we took the olives to an olive press and watched them being turned into oil. Within 10 minutes of pressing we were eating the fresh olive oil with bread, salad, potato and anything else we could find that goes well with it!

From this experience alone I have been opened up to the world of olives. So much so that the other day when I went on a date to Olivo Restaurant in Darling Harbour and saw an olive starter on the menu I had to grab it. AWESOME.



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