easter blaster

Posted: 25/04/2011 by B in random

Hey all our millions of fan’s, sorry i’ts been a while, but I have had a jam packed easter. All started on Thursday after work with the usual Thursday, aka, Friday after work drinks, was a small turn out but one still enjoyed.

Good Friday was an all family event, and additional friends day. Started off at my folks place for some Fijian seafood gourmet. I brought along my remote chopper to show off to the kids and family which was disappointing as it never left the ground. The food was delicious, but I can’t say much for the casket of wine.

We left after lunch to visit a friend who had just had a baby that morning too, I was saddened to see I was the second black person the baby had seen, as i was hoping to be the first, so I left disappointed, but still happy for my friends. Upon returning to my folks place, some of the cousins were digging into the Kava (A Fijian social custom drink, Google it, I dare you). I avoided it though opting for some tea and more casket wine, the silliest of decisions.

Saturday, had a school friends child’s 1st birthday, I opted not to drink based on the previous day, but the boys were fully into it, and soon we were in the park kicking the footy, leaving the wives and kids to talk and play. There were a few good stacks and the odd footy slightly missing the wondering kid, but nothing that you would of wished to get on camera. It was a good day though.

Easter Sunday, a friend of mine had invited me and the family back to her grandparents place for easter lunch, they are of Italian origin so I was looking forward to the menu. We arrived to this large home and I was instantly amazed at the garden, took me back to Italy. Every vegetable you could think of, no room for a trampoline (not that I felt like jumping at the time), but this was only the beginning. Before you proceed, check the picture below, this is only half of the garden. A Kookaburra chased me away before I could get in anymore. I’m not a wuss, it has a really large beak that could take off a small child’s arm, a really small child. OK, the arm of a fetus.


I then went into the cellar, this guy made his own wine, and pasta sauces, it was like I was flown into another country even though I drove there in 40 minutes. It was so cool to see that this couple (both over 70), could manage to provide themselves with so much from their own backyard (and cellar).

So then came the dinner, with a lot of the ingredients made in house. The pasta sauce, the fried egg plant, the awesome, smooth, and yet intoxicating wine that had me spinning for the next hour, and the best Tiramisu dessert I have ever eaten. The environment as if in an old Italian castle, was pretty much…..awesome.

Today I was supposed to go play Two-Up at the local pub, a game regularly played on ANZAC day in Australia, yet illegal all other times of the year, but I opted to spend time with the family, what can I say, I’m a family man. Until the next post……and in case your interested, I’m taking the family to the Easter Show tomorrow, so let’s hope for an interesting picture.


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