blue frog

Posted: 04/05/2011 by B in random

Unfortunately its a bit late to go back to my Easter break, but I will go on to tell you about a strange dream I had last night.

Basically I was following a blue frog in my parents backyard, hopping about like frogs do when it saw a pile of fur. It decided to lift some of the fur and go under it for some comfort, when suddenly the fur which now had a cats head popped up sticking its tongue out. I guess the frog had relaxed next to this cat’s mouth, it was like it had a fur ball or something like that. The frog then continued along to a dog and and cat duo further down the yard and suddenly started tickling the frog who was laughing with joy. It was my happy place at that point of time in my life.

I started taking photo’s of this happy event with my iPhone, at the time thinking these pics would be great for Concrete Zoo.

I eventually woke up and hopped out of bed, still thinking that the picture would look great online. 1 minute later before brushing my teeth, I realized this can’t be real, deciding not to browse my phone, and leaving it at that.

If anyone out there can tell me what this means, I will be truly grateful. Until then, I promise to find something more exciting and real.


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