cz boys scattered in a pub

Posted: 09/05/2011 by B in random

Hello billions of fans based on our visitors dashboard. What a week I’ve had, this was one of the busiest and most distressing work weeks I’ve had in my life, and my previous life, I think the same goes for “L”. What’s worse, our boss wants to but a partition up to block myself and “L” from direct contact, which unfortunately means we will now have to stand up to look over a partition to see each other for a chin wag, or even have to make a phone call. The work around offer our boss quickly dismissed was to have web cams setup so we could easily chat, but that will remain a dream for now (Yes my wife thinks there is something going on between us).

We celebrated in style though beginning at our local on Friday, we hit the drinks like they were  free, except we had to pay. There was quiet a few of us when “L” and another fellow worker we will call “D-Man”, had to head out to another pub where we met up with a few friends, plus they had a good set of TV screens for the Australia vs NZ rugby test on later that night. I decided to lay some bets for the under dogs, and yes, I am now down $20. But it was a good night of drinks, pizza, snooker and some really funny moments. “L” disappeared for some time while myself and another co-worker I will now refer to as “Raider” decided to go check out some of the private functions in the same pub. Its funny how easily we blend in, making friends instantly as if we did get invited to whatever the function was, as well as enjoying watching a lady drag her boyfriend and his friend out of the function room screaming at maximum volume.

At times we would all meet up at the same room at the same time, crack some jokes and make stupid noises like “WASSSSSSUUUUP” while our tongues hung out, then all be lost again, but it was a top night, one that “L” and myself enjoyed after a work week like the one just past.

I was keen to come back to work on Monday though to hear more stories, and also to try and investigate what happened to the Mothers day cards I had purchased. They are still MIA, so if you stumble upon a bag with cards for Mum and Nanna, let me know.

Anyhow, no pictures from that night, and I am kind of glad, memories is all I need. Until next Friday when we celebrate “L’s” birthday,


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