harbour bridge lock-down equals great morning

Posted: 13/05/2011 by B in random

Hello billions of fans, hopefully our site visits today don’t clog up the servers. A special shout-out to “L”, Happy Birthday homie, its going to be a big night out on the town later this evening, hopefully we get a response, or even better, a post from “L” today who has mysteriously forgotten how to write blogs.

Unfortunatley I am not in the office for a birthday breakfast due to a protester climbing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, protesting for kids of parents who divorce. I think its a great cause as I got to sleep in for another hour. I’m so glad I switched on the radio though while brushing my teeth this morning, otherwise it would have been an extremely frustrating trip into the city. I switched on the TV quickly as I jumped back into bed to see the traffic chaos this chap had caused, no trains, buses or cars were allowed across one of Australia’s busiest roads. It’s now open as I sit here at home during the time I am usually right into my work in the office, but I will wait for the backlog to subside before heading into town, plus my wife is making me some French toast, while my kids fight for toys.

Anyhow, better get back to my work emails, hopefully we will get some action pics tonight from “L”s birthday celebrations.

This is my French toast, well, the syrup thats left anyhow. If a picture tells a thousand words, you have a busy morning ahead of you with this one.



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