“L”s birthday bash

Posted: 16/05/2011 by B in random

Hello fans, what a weekend. A big night was enjoyed by all the fellow workers here with us for “L”s birthday bash. The standard after work Friday drinks followed by a tipsy train journey across the harbour to a popular Belgian Bier Cafe. The food there was delicious, I myself had Pork sausages with Mash and a splash of gravy, of course it is worded much better on the Menu itself, using a very European title, buts that’s how I saw it. Whatever it was, it was awesome. What made it even better, was the constant flow from the Golden Fountains of beer pouring into the large chilled mugs, that quenched the thirst of all men and women in our surroundings.

After filling our food and beverage sanctuaries, we then stumbled to a spot in Sydney known as Jackson’s on George. I think all Sydney residents know this place, though only a small percentage would like to attend. Our attraction to this place is the top floor, it has a bar, good music, snooker tables, and is usually empty, so its pretty much a private party. This night though was busy, and I think we owned the snooker tables and the night, well we thought so anyhow. Much fun was had, dancing, throwing coasters, playing snooker, and Olympic style wrestling were just some of the entertainment we provided to bystanders.

Overall a top night, and I scored a lift home which was a bonus. Though falling asleep on my lounge room floor with half an eaten sandwich was not the way I intended to hit the hay at home. I remember when I first met my wife, when we were just boyfriend/girlfriend, if I was found in that state, she would grab a blanket and lay next to me. Now after 4-5 years of marriage, she just kicks me, then tells me to get up and go to bed (that’s on a good day, otherwise I wake up in the same position with a sore back). If you are reading this wife, I love you.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of my sausage.



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