hot chilli sauce

Posted: 18/05/2011 by B in food and drink

Hello again to the thousands, if not millions of fans that are visiting our site each day. Tonight I’ve decided to write about my favourite flavour, Chilli.

I put chilli in almost everything I eat, bolognaise, stews, curries, sandwich’s, pizza, scrambled eggs, and even beef stroganoff. I even want to go to Chile, just to say not only do I eat it, but I’ve been there. Its a fetish I have enjoyed since I was a kid, and I think its based on the fact that my dad used to eat chilli’s straight off the tree to accompany his dinner’s. My main man “L” is also a chilli buff, we sometimes share chilli’s at lunch time like two drunks sharing a casket of wine, well, sort of.

I went to the annual Royal Sydney Easter Show excited about one thing, the “Chilli Factory” was supposedly bringing  the hottest chilli sauces in the world, although I’m sure its not entirely true, its probably still hot. My eye’s lit up like I was a teenager and saw my first adult film when I finally ran into the stall. I enjoyed just standing there watching others burn tasting the various samples, I had a chat with the attendant for some time on what were the hottest sauces, he mentioned that he used them as dips at parties. By the looks of the customers trying the samples, I wondered what kind of party it was, and when was I going to get an invite. Anyhow, I ended up buying two bottles rated 9/10 and 10/10. I took a flyer too as I thought I would eventually like to try the small bottled 14/10 sauce that can be ordered online (not sure how this scoring system works).

Many times has “L” and I gone for lunch to order with extra chilli, and the person behind the counter says “Be careful, its hot”, we just laugh in their faces, not because they look funny, but because they don’t realise this is what we do. Most times, we end up getting more hot sauce or chopped chilli’s to bring it up to scratch.

Here is a picture of the two bottles I bought. Myself and “L” will be giving it a go this weekend with some barbecued sausages, and probably carrying ice packs with us on Monday. Will let you know the results.



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