chilli factory sauce results at weekend bbq

Posted: 26/05/2011 by B in food and drink

Sorry it’s been a while fans, I have been sick like a dog, except I didn’t cough up fur balls, nor did I eat my own vomit and then lick my….oh, sorry.

Anyhow, on Sunday I had a  BBQ for my little champ who has just turned 3. There weren’t too many kids at this party, which is OK considering this is the second party we are having for him, and we still have one to go. The food was delicious (high fives to my wife), we had lasagna, dumplings, teriyaki chicken wingettes, awesome potato salad, fried rice, the usual chips for snacks, and chocolate brownies for dessert. What I was most looking forward to though was the assortment of flavoured sausages that I cooked on the mini Weber. I love the taste of meat cooked on stone rather than gas there is just something about it, plus you can drink more while waiting for it to heat up. These sausages would then be combined with the fresh crispy bread rolls from the local Vietnamese shop that I was going to consume with……wait for it…… (open your arms out wide, look into the sky, ensure a ray of sunlight is poking through the clouds at you, preferably while standing on top of a hill, or even in a field of wheat in Tuscany, and shout in a loud voice) “HOT CHILI SAUCE”.

The girls were in the house doing whatever girls do such as talking about boys, and the boys were on the balcony talking about serious current world issues while drinking beer and/or Kava. We were waiting for the green light from the girls that the food was ready, and it only took 10 seconds for the balcony to vacate once we got it. As the boys slowly gathered back onto the balcony with white plastic plates filled with  copious amounts of food, I grabbed the 2 chilli bottles mentioned in my last post. We were eager as beavers to get some of this onto our plates and into our mouths. We decided to open the 9/10 bottle first. I was very disappointed that no one coughed, gagged or went into the fetal position, we just got a lot of “meh!” and shoulder shrugging. One thing it did have though, was taste, one that will go well with ribs. For some of the light weights there was some heat, but for us hardcore chilli eaters, it was very light. We found that packing a whole lot onto our sausage rolls did get some heat, but still no ambulance was required.

Once we finished our lunch, we all looked at the 10/10 Mango flavoured chilli sauce, and had to try it somehow. I went and grabbed some of the Chickadee chip snacks and and a little bowl for the chilli sauce. This one did have some kick, a sting even, but some extremists did want even more heat, one of the females inside contested that this wasn’t as hot as what her mum uses at home, I must now go to this home. From the results from the taste tests, “L” and I decided that we were going to buy the newly added 15/10 chilli sauce from the chilli factory website, it was time to take it to another level.

Whilst writing this blog, I am thinking of Mexico, where some of the hottest chilli’s in the world come from, this will be a tour that me and my butt will remember for many years, a tour where dreams are made, someone take me there………take me there!


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