where have i been you ask (use yoda voice)

Posted: 10/06/2011 by B in random

I know, I know, where have we been. The truth is, we got the call. We have been going around the world doing reconnaissance and various missions for as you know, we are in the special forces, and the call can happen anytime, and we can receive them anywhere, depending on reception, and also if we are awake at the time.

Well, that’s not really the truth, but we’ll go with that to cover up on our laziness, mainly “L”‘s as I think he has done only 2 posts, or something ridiculous like that. (BOOOOO! “L”)

In the past week, where I know you have all been eager to see where we are at in this stage of our lives, I have done a few exciting things. My eldest son just turned 3, and therefore, we had 3 birthday parties for him, and if that’s how it works from now on in our family, then I can’t wait for my 35th birthday. He got all sorts of presents including the large Woody and Buzz action figurines from his favourite movie series, “Toy Story”. Unfortunately there was nothing that I could get enjoyment out of at my age, I even got him a jumping castle and apparently the maximum weight to enter is 45kg. With myself getting heavier as I am starting to hit the weights training 3-4 times a week, I may never enjoy the castle of joy.

I also got an opportunity to attempt making pizza from scratch again. I am getting better and better, with my dough at the right taste and thickness, just working on the amount of time and temperature to perfect it, so don’t call me Papa Giuseppe just yet. I rarely get a chance to make pizza as my wife hates that I leave flour all over the kitchen, but I sure do enjoy making it. Something I must have when making pizza though is a good bottle of wine and some Italian music in the background, and I’m all good to go.

Last Monday I went to a Rugby League match to watch my Team the Wests  Tigers win by 1 point against Newcastle in extra time, it was also played at my favourite ground Leichardt Oval. With a capacity of 18,000 people, I think it was almost there. The final kick that got the point to grab the win got us all going mental, my favourite part of the game where you can jump around like Kangaroo’s, hugging your friends and giving high five’s to random people, and falling on the grass rolling down the hill, and then finding your friends again to keep on the celebrations.

Any way folks, the pic below was taken on the night of the game, and the one below that shows the crowd, though the cheerleaders got in the way.




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