transformers 3: dark of the moon review

Posted: 08/07/2011 by B in random

Hello fans, (officially now with an “s”),

A word of warning, if you have not seen the movie, don’t read this blog. Being a review, I mention parts of the movie, obviously not watching the movie then writing a review on it would be very difficult.

Let us begin. I think the storyline of the first 2 are a lot more interesting, and there are some things in this movie I really did not understand and would of changed. Not to say I didn’t enjoy watching the all the action, fight scenes, and Rosie Huntington-Whitley (the Megan Fox replacement). The city of Chicago where most of the action took place also looked fantastic visually as a city under attack.

Now, the bits I didn’t like as much, or perhaps misunderstood. Firstly, Sam goes into the city to find his girlfriend, and somehow gets the backup of the US defense force to follow, its not until they find her that they get more information about an attack taking place, but initially its just a search & rescue for the girl, now I wish I had that kind of backup. I do like all the new Decepticon characters though, especially the Dreads made up of 3 black Chevrolet Suburban emergency SUV’s. The scene in which they battle it out with Bumblebee, Dino and Sideswipe was quiet enjoyable, though this was only the one time I really remember the Decepticons working together. It was very rare to see the Decepticons work as a team, whereas with the Autobots, they always rolled together like a gang on a mission (well they did have a mission). Another issue I had was that 200 Decepticons where sent from Cybertron all over the world, yet the battle only took place in Chicago and it only took 9-10 Autobots (whatever the figure was) to beat them all down.

Now if you have watched the movie, I guess you see that Ironhide gets killed by Sentinel Prime. For me Ironhide being there from the first film was an important character, but the death for him was quick, it was like no one noticed and I think the scene went on for about 10 seconds. I would of liked it to a bit more emotional, or perhaps shed a tear,  like the scene where I thought Bumblebee was going to get killed (Though when he got saved, his fight scene was awesome).

Another character that I loved in the movie was Shockwave, he caused so much destruction, yet got taken out by a parachute covering his one eye while the humans took him out. Again he was by himself, no help from his band of brothers. Starscream, another Decepticon taken out while by himself, with 200 Decepticons you would think one of them would give him a hand, I guess being all over the world they must of been sight seeing.

I would have also loved to see a bit more comedy from the Auto-bots, the cartoons back in the day had some good one liners, but the only real comedy came from Brains and Wheelie (and the human characters).

Anyhow, to end it off, even though some of these issues I described got me scratching my head, I still enjoyed the action, but it would of been great with a better storyline and group battles. Still one I will add to my bluray collection and watch over and over again just like the first 2. Please comment if you agree or disagree, but that’s my thoughts.


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