face to face

Posted: 14/07/2011 by B in random

Hello fans,

What a cold morning it was, had my neck warmer, beanie, and my hoodie on, definitely urban ninja weather.

Something that bothers me on trains (only caused it happened to me on the way in this morning), is when people take a seat that is facing you, and you both don’t know where to look. You look at a spot on the ceiling, the floor, your pants, their pants, at times their chest, then eventually you both end up pretending to sleep. I think there should be a sticker like the ones they have that show no smoking, no alcohol, no feet on seats etc; though this would show a picture of two stick figures facing each other with a red line across. Sounds like a plan, someone make this happen.

I also caught up with a friend who is leaving for Europe in a couple of days for dinner, leaving the wife and kids at home, the place is called Pho An in Bankstown, they make the best Beef Noodles in Sydney, alongside Gourmet Noodle House in Berala which also has a lot of fans. The hustle and bustle in these restaurants make you feel like you are actually in Asia, the ambiance is really something, as apposed to nothing. I feel sorry for those who dare not to come out to the suburbs to eat what is on offer, I do recommend it to our City folk.

Anyhow, gotta hit the pillow as tomorrow I start work  nice and early, will schedule this post for the morning. See ya soon folks (Yes I will try to get some photo’s happening).

I will also try and write up a review on Assassin’s Creed 2, as I am pretty sure I am near the end.


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