schnitzel breath

Posted: 17/07/2011 by B in food and drink

Hello fans,

Sitting back with a bowl of Kava watching Samoa vs Australia in the rugby, and thought why not write up a blog.

The weekend thus far has been good, Friday night was bigger than expected with the co-workers at our regular spot having a good night. Also joined by a co-workers friend and his colleagues, we were probably the biggest group in the bar. Eventually everyone had there own journeys to take as the night rolled on, and mine got me to McDonald’s at about 10:30pm.

Saturday was also a long day for not just myself, but the family too. We started the morning with a few home inspections as we are considering  buying a second property, though nothing we saw got me excited. We then head off to a friends place who  just had a baby a few weeks back. It appears every time I go there, they always have the wines chilled and ready for offer as soon as I get there. I suggested we go pick up the others some lunch before we got started to keep the kids and wives happy.

The kids had a blast as a few more guests arrived and there were kids everywhere. We dug into the charcoal chicken and chips, and magically my wine glasses kept filling up, not sure how many bottles they chilled, but they all tasted good. Somehow we were also handed Corona’s, just to test the lemon’s from their garden. I was starting to give up, but paced myself well and it was a good day.

Just as we were about to leave, we got a phone call for an invite to Dinner at a German/Austrian restaurant in Cabramatta, yes, Cabramatta. I repeated that because Cabramatta is a suburb in Sydney well known as a Chinese/Vietnamese populated area, and famous for it too with a lot of Asian restaurants.

We met up with our friends and head straight to the restaurant. It was no where near the main centre of Cabramatta, so it was not a place surrounded by other Asian restaurants, but reminded me more of the large beer halls they have in Germany/Austria, I was excited as soon as I saw it. The design of the building and internal decor was very European, and we were lucky to get a seat. We got stuck into a German beer as soon as we were seated which sort of resembled my friends surname, so he was wrapped. Unfortunately I only got half way, the drinking all day from the previous event got me tired of drinking, but my friend didn’t leave it to waste. The food there was awesome, the Jager Schnitzel I had was huge, and I had no room for dessert, thought the others did, then they were stuffed too. We all left with puffed stomach’s, and all I wanted to do was go home, and that we did.

Anyhow, this post is getting too long, here is a picture of my German beer for your enjoyment. That’s not the name of the beer on the label though, must of been the glass closest to the bartender.



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