sick as a dawg right now

Posted: 27/07/2011 by B in random

Hello fans,

Again my lack of blog is now due to sickness, still at work though, but don’t feel like being here. Have a few meetings on today so I am trying my best to stay alert.

I have so many updates for our hundreds of regular visitors, but will wait to reach 100% of pure athleticism before I write it all down.

Also to note, my awesome holiday will be coming up, so plenty of pics and updates to post, looking forward to lots of sun and sand, as apposed to the cold climate I and am now trapped in.

We also have a camping trip to write about upon my return from the tropics with the good fellas from work, we’ll be burrowing deep into the bush land’s of Australia’s Blue Mountains. We’ll be roughing it amongst  the wild animals of Australia, such as the savage Koala, and the boxing Kangaroo, and not to forget, the punching Possums.

Please stick around, this is only going to get better…….


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