river canyon restaurant

Posted: 10/08/2011 by B in food and drink

It seems like centuries since my last post, though in reality, it has only been 1-2 weeks. I have had a hectic schedule over the past month, and struggled to find time to blog it up.

I thought I’d write about my recent visit to River Canyon Restaurant in Parramatta, and you guessed it, its by the river, and there is no canyon (??). We got a voucher for this place, otherwise I would never have known about it which included some entertainment by Brazilian dancers. I went with my wife and my eldest son, my other little champ was sick and was being babysit at home by his God Mother.

As soon as I walked into this place, I thought I had crashed a wedding, the tables were setup in rows, and there was even pearl coloured balloons on the tables. The dance floor in the front was lit up by the disco ball reflecting coloured laser lights, with dance music videos projected onto the walls, I instantly felt like busting some moves, but that thought was erased as we were guided  to our table by the friendly staff members.  We were instantly provided some garlic bread and pizza slices were we wasted no time in tasting. While the wife and son were digging into that, I thought I’d check out the bar. I got myself a vino and headed back to collect the family to grab some real food. This place was an all you can eat buffet. I grabbed some spaghetti and meatballs, fried rice, potato salad, and some fried chicken pieces. There was plenty more on offer but I thought that was enough (for now). The place was starting to fill up, and what made it feel more like a private party was the random people talking to us, mainly because they thought our son was a little cutie. We took our seat and dug  straight into our meals. I was impressed, it was better than I thought it would have been for a buffet, and eventually my wife went back for seconds because my little boy ate most of her share. I just went back for seconds at the bar. Dessert was equally impressive, I had ice cream and blue berry pancakes, and grabbed my boy some jelly cups in which he wasted no time in devouring.

Soon enough the entertainment started, three girls dressed in Brazilian Mardi Gras outfits started dancing, providing me with some interesting eye candy. It was quiet entertaining, they also had these guys in the background banging on the drums, and jumping up to show off some Capoeira. Eventually they got the crowd involved, some of the selected few were quiet lame not getting right into it, or perhaps just shy as some of the moves were not for the young at heart, especially this one guy who got pulled up with his mum.

After the show they had some doof doof music and everyone hit the dance floor. My boy was begging for a dance so my wife and I had turns taking him on. Again it felt like a private party with random people chatting to us, not sure what about as the music was pretty loud, I just used the standard club method of smiling and nodding.

We ended up staying here later than usual, probably because we were having so much fun. I’d recommended this place for anyone who needs a good place for a birthday as it has good food, entertainment, a bar, and ending off the night on the dance floor isn’t a bad way to finish the night off. Also to note, the kids love this place if you have one, or just a big kid yourself such as I.

Sorry I have no pictures to post. I did attempt to take some of the Brazilian dancers but it was too dark. My bad.


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