italian ferragosto festival

Posted: 16/08/2011 by B in food and drink, photography
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Hello Fans, and accidental Concrete Zoo visitors,

The passing weekend has been super duper for me, also considering it is the last week before my tropical getaway.

I had to make way for the Ferragosto Festival held in Five Dock once a year to celebrate all things Italian, this includes food, wine and entertainment. Having been to the country several times myself, I love the history and the food. They blocked off the main road of this elite suburb to make way for the stalls and the people, and they estimate an average of 10, 000 visitors every year.

Initially I was worried about where to park so we left early, though it didn’t take us long though to find a spot only a short distance from the main event which was great. Nothing beats a great parking spot, good entertainment and good food all in one package. As we walked around the one single corner we had to turn, we instantly saw green, red and white flags hovering over the main strip, and white tents as far as the eye could see, mainly because there was a hill and I could only see 2 tents. As we entered though, there were already tonnes of people, mainly hanging in front of the first tent which looked to be providing the entertainment. I instantly smelt the aroma’s of street food and coffee and the mix with Italian music in the background made me smile. To begin, the wife and I picked up a coffee and stood in front of the entertainment tent for a while, watching the people pass by and listening to the music. I did enjoy just standing there sipping on my long black, flags waving overhead, the music playing in the background, and 3 old ladies in front of me rolling Gnocchi, though we had to move on as my little boy was kept asking “Why are we standing here?”.

We decided to begin the walk down the road, it was busy, but not busy enough to cause frustration. Stalls of all varieties of food where available, and not just Italian gourmet. Some stalls were from Spain, Turkey, China and even Vietnam. I’d say they would have been part of the community, and therefore welcomed to the festival. My wife wasn’t too well so she went for a good old fashioned sausage sizzle, I couldn’t go past the Spanish stall with the loud Samba music selling Chorizo sausage rolls with extra hot chilli sauce.

While I enjoyed my Spanish roll, the wife thought hers was average and couldn’t finish it. We decided to move on and eventually walked past a popular Gelato store and couldn’t resist. When my wife and I were in Italy back in 2007, we ate Gelato every day, sometimes two, and we were there for a month, Mr.Gelato has to be very proud of us. We had to sit down to enjoy this one or it would have been very messy, especially while pushing a stroller through a growing crowd. We were easily filled up after that which made me upset. I still hadn’t tried any authentic Italian food which was my main purpose for the visit. Moving further on we saw a stall with delicious looking Italian desserts including one of my favorites, Canoli. My wife was confused when I was pointing at it saying “I want some of that Cannelloni”, and after the strange look I got, so was I.

We also went past the best looking Paella I have seen in a long time in which I provided a snapshot below. I am a huge fan of this but was too stuffed to eat any more, I just looked at it for about 5 minutes watching the chef work his magic. The last walk was past the entertainment tent again, and on stage was Alfredo Malabello singing some of his famous tunes. I didn’t feel like dancing, plus it would look weird as no one else was, so I exited the festival, I turned back for one last glance, and hope to return again next year. Though next time, I will be better prepared to eat more of the delicious looking food.

Here is my picture folks.



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