lime street cafe review

Posted: 06/12/2011 by B in food and drink

As thousands of you may be wondering where have the Concrete Zoo blogsters gone? Long time no post you say, well to get things right, I am back, alone, but back, unfortunately “L” has dropped from the game.

My first return post will be about a restaurant based in the  Cockle Bay region of Darling Harbour in Sydney called Lime Street Cafe. We initially chose this restaurant based on a voucher offering us $70 worth of food for only $30, so we thought this was a good deal.

We arrived on the evening of my birthday and I was looking forward to eating out. We didn’t wait too long to be seated, and within 5 minutes they had asked what would we like to drink, so far so good. I selected a white wine from the menu, and my wife chose a lemon squash. The restaurant wasn’t that busy, I’d say at 50% capacity and I was enjoying the buzz and atmosphere until everything went downhill from there. We waited 20 minutes for our drinks to finally arrive, and they took our food order on arrival. We chose a  Margarita pizza, and on the menu was listed a Penne Arrabbiata, we requested a Spaghetti Arrabbiata in which the waitress took note. We have done this numerous times before in other restaurants without fail.

My wife then had her first sip of lemon squash which she said did look different, and it had a funny taste, it wasn’t lemon squash. When we finally got the attention of the waitress, she took it to the bartender and came back in another 10-15 minutes with another glass. Again it was not a lemon squash. We had to try in vain to get a waiter/waitress to come over, and when we described the problem, she took the glass back to the bartender who I could see was now tasting it. 10 minutes later the waitress bought the drink over and walked off. My wife took a sip, it wasn’t lemon squash. At this stage we were starting to get annoyed, and told the waitress to just get a Coke. Our entree eventually arrived about half an hour later, and the pizza followed 15 minutes later. We finished the entree and were halfway through the pizza and my wife still had not had her Coke, nor had the pasta arrived. Eventually when the Coke turned up, the lady said they had not delivered lemon squash because they didn’t have any, so the bartender attempted to make something similar out of Soda Water and Lemon, not choosing to inform the customer. Epic Fail. Eventually the pasta arrived, and what do you know, it was Penne. We told the waitress who delivered it that we asked for Spaghetti, in which she called the waitress that took the order, they argued in another language with each other, then angrily stormed off. The pizza was now finished 10 minutes later and no sign of the pasta returning. It was 10 minutes before a waitress came to our table to ask if we were ok, and I had to ask “Where’s our pasta?” in an angry tone, I’m not normally like that, but this was getting  ridiculous. 15 minutes later we saw the pasta sitting up  on the table where the chef rings the bell for the waiter/waitress to deliver, though we waited another 15 minutes before anyone actually picked it up to bring to our table, some of the waiter/waitresses even looked at it, then got distracted by something else like chatting to each other. In the time waiting for the pasta we ordered our dessert expecting that to take forever to arrive as well, this worked to our favour.

Eventually I just wanted to get out of this place, so my wife asked for the bill. She went to the counter to pay and had to correct them, because they charged us for additional drinks, which I am guessing was in confusion from delivering us the wrong drinks so many times.

So for service I give this place a 2/10 thanks to one waitress that looked concerned at our treatment. The only positive was the food, I’d give this place a 7/10 as it didn’t taste too bad. Would I ever return here again, or recommend it to my friends, in one word. Never.


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