what’s new

Posted: 24/02/2012 by B in random

What’s new on Concrete Zoo is what you must have been thinking as you were sitting on the train on the way into work this morning, or perhaps while you were just eating a hot dog with the lot for breakfast.

Now your in the office looking at your peers to make sure no one is looking at what website you are about to enter and “BOOM”, you go into Concrete Zoo and all you have is this, nothing, no image, no review, nothing exciting. After being promised day after day (with breaks in between) for something exciting you get this gibberish.

Have no fear my electronic friends, I will write something exciting eventually. I have one month off work shortly and I will try, note the word “try”, to blog everyday about my adventurous activities, weather I go for a skydive, or just sit around the house in my batman suit, I will give you something. So please remain on this page and keep refreshing, like, forever.

I love you all.


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