dre beats studio headphones review

Posted: 02/03/2012 by B in random

Welcome to another heart stopping post. Today I am doing something different, writing this post via iPhone and my arms are already wanting a rest. Why I am doing this you ask, it’s because I’m on a train and thought to myself, why not, it beats just sitting here counting the number of dandruff’s I can see on the man’s head in front of me.

Today I will review the new set of headphones I just purchased designed by rap artist Dr.Dre and company Monster. Initially I was caught between the Bose QC15 and this set. I read plenty of reviews and my decision wasn’t based on looks, cost (definitely not cost), and wanting to look like a wanna be DJ on the streets. My decision was based on my music choice, I love Hip Hop, Dance/Trance and these work well with the Dre Beats. I’m a big fan of Bass and if this does anything right, it’s bass. It makes you feel like you are front row at a concert, except you have no friends with you and you can’t find the band. Like any concert, you want to be comfortable and this fits really nice around my ears,  I could easily keep it on for hours on end. Below is a picture I took with my new camera which I will review in another post.


I also love the looks of these babies, I remember when I first wore it and walked past a mirror, I caught my eye and gave myself the Shooter McGavin gun shot (watch Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler if you have no idea what I’m raving on about). Overall I did spend as much as buying a private concert at home, but I will get many more hours of enjoyment out of this, and if so, it’s money well spent.

One great feature that I feel bad for as you will read is sound isolation. I locked myself in a room and put them on the first day these arrived. I played some Hip Hop tracks though my phone and was jamming away by myself with pants on. When I came out of the room my wife was angrily asking why I didn’t open the door as the kids were screaming to get in. The point is, the sound isolation works really really well, maybe I should of kept them in when I came out (I did hug my kids when I came out in case you a thinking what a crap dad).

My only real negative is that it requires 2xAA batteries, but for something so powerful what do you expect. May be worth spending money on rechargeable batteries for long term savings.

For those who were going for the Bose QC15, I still don’t think that’s a bad option, and what I think it all comes down to is personal choice and this is mine. Obviously it would also have bass, unlike some other headphones I have had in the past, but Dr.Beats has bass x 10, and for me that’s a winner. BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!


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