when nature calls

Posted: 20/03/2012 by B in photography, random, travel
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hey fans,

I am tired but feeling good after I decided to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way home form work today, bypassing two train stations as the sun was out, the sky was clear blue, and there was a nice cool breeze on my pretty face. So many other humans were either walking, running or riding across the bridge, it must of been the day for it. I think I will do this more often as it was good for the mind, body and soul.

You must be wondering why the subject is labelled when nature calls, well I didn’t wet my pants while I was walking across the bridge, nor did I get to enjoy watching someone else doing a wee wee. The subject is more to do with the photo I’ve attached. I took this from my balcony of a spider that I wish wasn’t so close, it’s just out of reach from a spray of insect repellent, and if I tried to stretch out anymore with the cutters to chop the main branch, I will fall to a graceful death. All I can do is watch him/her do what he/she does best, pose for my camera.



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