the spit

Posted: 26/03/2012 by L in food and drink, photography, travel
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On Saturday my girlfriend and I found ourselves at “The Spit”. No no no, it’s not gross, it’s actually the name of a place! The Spit is located on the Mosman side of middle harbour (here) and is home to a marina, cafe’s, kayak hire, walkways and bike paths etc. As you no doubt have read our about us page you would know I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. You would think that as I have travelled over the spit bridge literally thousands of times I would have stopped in by now, but in sad fact I had not. Turns out, it was amazing and well worth the visit. It was one of those sunny blue sky days that you wish you could have every day. We walked along the waters edge admiring the boats and multi-million dollar houses up on the hills and ended up having lunch at Plonk! All in all, a great day I must say.






  1. Stevie D says:

    You know how lucky you are to live where you live? Great photos.

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