When animals attack

Posted: 11/05/2012 by B in humour, photography, random
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Morning fans, I have some great posts coming up, well according to myself. I have drafted a post with some pictures of my travels in Cinque Terre and this afternoon, L, D and myself are hitting up some huge steaks for lunch, so I’ll try and get a shot of that juicy juicy meat (sorry vegetarians).

This is a picture I took some ago, two viscous birds were furiously fighting in the suburbs, people were running for their lives screaming, some were abandoning their cars to flee (not sure why people abandon cars and run in movies, I think it would be best to remain in the car) and it sounded like two Pterodactyls were circling overhead ready for the kill.

To be honest, no one was around except me taking the picture, the rest was just in my head. As for the birds, it was a Cockatoo and a Noisy Minor, not Pterodactyls. I should have increased the shutter speed, but ran out quickly when I saw the violence occurring on the streets having no time to play with camera settings.



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