Random shots from Portugal

Posted: 20/05/2012 by B in humour, photography, random, travel
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I have been into my photo editing lately so I tried my luck with some pictures I took back in 2007 before I had my DSLR camera. These were taken in Portugal where my wife and I spent some time in Albufeira and Lisbon, including a day trip to Sintra. I didn’t take too many shots in Portugal as I caught the chicken pox just after leaving Spain and spent most of my time in bed.

This shot was taken in Albufeira just as I exited our hotel early one morning, it was a change to see such empty seats after the constant thumping of bass and the ambience of crowds during the night that gathered along this strip.

The Statues of the Glory on The Triumphal Arch is located at the entrance to Lisbon, well to the main road anyway from the ocean front.

For some reason I liked looking up this street laid with tram tracks, somehow the graffiti looked the part.

I took this shot of a cafe alongside the main strip of Lisbon which I was particularly proud of.

Monument to the discoveries was a short walk away, featuring Prince Henry up front of all the other human statues.

Next stop was Sintra and this was a day trip from Lisbon. The fountain pictured here is in front of the Palace of Sintra.

We then decided to hike up the hill to Palácio da Pena, where we got the following two shots, one is of myself enjoying the view, and the other is of a sculpture that was on the Palace itself.

Finally across to Sintra Castle, this was spectacular. I remember picking up a big stick, standing on one of the towers pretending I was a guard screaming at the enemy below, I looked at my wife and she shook her head, so I put down the stick and moved on.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the images I have put up today, and hopefully you felt like you were in Portugal alongside me, probably not though.


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