Como to Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Posted: 22/05/2012 by B in photography, travel
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Hello again fans, I’m back to post some more photo’s from past travels. Today I will share some from my stay in Como on Lake Como, and enjoying a cruise across to Bellagio in Northern Italy. Enjoy

This is the view we got of Como from Brunate. We took the Funicular Railway up to the top on the mountain where the town of Brunate resides to get this fantastic shot (and also to eat pizza and drink some wine while up here).

Back down in Como they hired out little paddle boats for two to ride on the lake, so my wife and I jumped in one and rode until sunset as you can see from the shots below.

That same night we went for a walk and I got this shot from the other side.

In the morning we went for a stroll, I enjoyed the fact that where they sold pork meats they had boar heads on display.

Como Cathedral was a site to see.

Time for a cruise to Bellagio as we hopped on board a ferry, the following photo’s were taken whilst on board at some of the homes by the lake.

We saw a helicopter fly over head and was wondering if it was George Clooney as he apparently has a home in this region.

Finally after the breathtaking cruise, we arrived in Bellagio to chill out and enjoy the view.

Just one more picture to finish it off, I loved all the little hidden corridors in Bellagio so I had to show one off. It was fun getting lost and stumbling upon hidden shops/places and people.

I hoped you have enjoyed my little tour from Como to Bellagio and recommend you take the trip one day yourselves. Until next time…..

  1. Great shots you have there! Well taken! =)

  2. Very nice pictures! We live only 1 hour from Como, on Lake Lugano. If you have never been to Lake Lugano you should definetly come here for a holiday!

    • B says:

      Thank you, you are so lucky to live in such a nice region. Will take note for my next trip, I do recall hearing about that Lake in my travels…

  3. Stephanie says:

    if you don’t mind me asking, how much were the paddle boat rentals?

    • B says:

      Hi there, to be honest I don’t remember, I did this trip back in 2007, I’m pretty sure we got to hire it for an hour so were able to take out time, and therefore paddled till sunset. Sorry!

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