Concrete Zoo was made up of 2 random guys from 2 very different cultures, living in 2 totally different area’s but brought together through the joy of work (not as in “together”, just together). We will remain anonymous and simply be known as B and L throughout the listings on this spectacular website. We choose to take this path so we can write what we feel, what we think, and what we smell like without getting comments from our family and friends, only we know who we are.

We first met on the 6th September 2004 when “L” got a job in IT sitting across from “B” in a concrete building in Sydney, Australia. “L” moved around a bit as a child but grew up mainly on the Northern Beaches. He spent 2 years in Melbourne but that was a terrible idea and quickly moved back to Sydney where the sun is brighter and the water is warmer. “L”s hobbies include IT related stuff of course, video games, photography, rock climbing, camping, hiking, travelling the globe and hitting the beach.

“M” loves travelling, gaming, zombie movies, music (mainly hip-hop, but is open to all music types) and loves sport, not only does he watch sport, he also participated in Rugby League, Golf, Hapkido, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tennis, Basketball, Squash, and recently has been into running (and not from the police). Unfortunately for our female followers, he is married to the best-est wife ever, and not forgetting to mention, the two funniest little boys that entertain him for hours. Being of Fijian heritage, he love’s to drink Kava, its a national drink mainly used at social gatherings and is an awesome relaxant. He was born in Australia though, and its where he has lived all his life.

We formed Concrete Zoo to be a blog about…..nothing, something, or anything we choose really. About our life, what we do, what we think, and maybe even what we are wearing.

At this stage “L” has now departed with the blogging world, and “M” has sworn to keep it alive with the constant love and support from our millions of fans.

Site Established 30-March-2011


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