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Hi fans, I will hopefully be getting out and about this weekend to get some outdoor pictures, though I thought I’d post some random items I shot for some reason when I woke up one cold the other morning.

The dew on the window should tell you about the kind of day it was.

I bought this Predator figurine when I was in Singapore a few years ago, I also love the Predator movies.

Below is the infamous Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park.

Not to mention my remote controlled Ferrari that I use to chase the kids around the house.

And last but not least, by DUB city cars collection. I also have a whole lot of other toys at home, and yes, my wife says I’m a big kid too.

Until next time.


Never Fear

Posted: 09/07/2012 by B in random

Never fear fans, for we are still here. My camera and I have been out of action as the head gasket in my car has gone kaput while I was on my way down the coast to get some images to post. So I apologize for no content being added recently. I guess that is no excuse to try and create my own little photography projects at home. See how I go this week.

Hello fans, I have a few pictures to share from my family day trip to Kiama which is located one and a half to two hours south of Sydney. I have never seen the Blowhole before, this is the towns main attraction where an explosion of water shoots out of a hole when a wave hits the cave chambers below it. Its very exciting to watch when it happens and you can hear people oooohhhing and aaaaarrrring in amazement. Some I thought got a bit too excited.

Anyhow, I wasn’t too happy with the results from the pictures I had taken on the day, but I’ll share them anyhow. Before heading straight to the Blowhole, we wandered about the quieter end of Kiama which was also really nice just to sit and watch the water crash into the rocks below.

The next few were of the lighthouse established in 1887 that was on top of the hill, this first picture reminded me of how kids draw the sun, though with a smiley face in the middle.

The following two shots are of the blow hole, the first zoomed into the hole, and then some water action. I missed a large one whilst talking to my wife, its her fault.

Finally I took this shot of a fisherman on the rocks casting his line into the rough waters below. If you can’t see him, he is wearing a red jacket on the middle left side of the picture (I guess he wouldn’t be in the water), and you may just be able to make out his line going far into the water.

If you live nearby Kiama and would like a good day out, I’d recommend a trip out this way, walking around the bay is the way to go, and there are plenty of shops and cafe’s around too if that’s your thing.


After eating some Nigari salmon for lunch with the guys from work, I suddenly had a sweet tooth so we decided to treat ourselves, we found a patisserie and I’m now ready to dig into my marble cheesecake and lemon macaroon back in the office…



OK, I only ate the cheesecake today, to eat both would of been over the top..

Hello again fans, Sydney weather is starting to clear up, still cold enough to freeze your lips together, but at least it’s stopped raining for now. L and I went out on a photo shoot during the week around Luna Park after work, a short 15 minute walk from our office, though we still jumped on the train to get more photography time, or maybe we were just lazy. The following are just some of the shots I produced.

This one was L’s idea, spotted while we were walking down towards Luna Park. This is Sydney’s iconic Opera house viewed between the Harbour Bridge pillars.

The iconic Luna Park entrance, such a happy face.

The following are just two different types of shots I took of the Ferris wheel.

Behind Luna park I took a shot across to the residential region of McMahon’s Point. OK, I duplicated some of the stars in case you are a confused astronomer.

As we left Luna Park (because it was surprisingly closed for a conference), I took this shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And this shot was taken across to Sydney from under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I hoped you have enjoyed this little journey around Milsons point, and a special thanks to L who gave me a few pointers on night shooting. Thanks for stopping by.

Hello fans, I have selected a few images to share that I took during the Sydney Vivid lights festival. The festival runs  just over two weeks every year brightening up Sydney with an assortment of colors. I never got to get everything on camera that I would have liked to due to the huge crowd and a family that was getting hungry, plus it was really really cold.

The first two below are typical of most Vivid festival shots showing projections onto one of Sydney’s icons, the Opera house.

This shot shows that they light up almost anything that can be lit up, including trees.

The people living here next to the opera house would have seen a lot of colors on a daily basis.

The shot taken next to the Overseas Passenger Terminal alongside Cargo bar, many drinks have been consumed in this bar back in my childless days.

Stalls were opened in the Rocks region during the festival, so many humans.

And finally a shot to show how much of the city is lit up during the festival.

There was a few more things I could have taken pictures of, but like I said the family was getting hungry so we had to exit. Hope you have enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Cake on a rainy day

Posted: 13/06/2012 by B in food and drink, photography, random

Hello fans, sorry it’s been a few days between posts. The weather in Sydney has been terrible so I have been hesitant to go outside except when I really need to. All I can offer today is a picture of this cake my wife and kids made together last night. It looked fancy enough so I took a picture with my iPhone (and it tasted good too). After having a small slice I had to ride a quick 10km on the bike to make myself feel good about it.

I also have some images from Sydney’s Vivid Festival I have yet to upload from my camera, my bad on that note, but I will hopefully get some of them online soon.