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I decided to post a couple of pictures from my trip to Fiji late last year. I had a family reunion to attend and we had just over 500 turn out from the 4000 or so invited from around the globe. Our family members were scattered across Australia, New Zealand, Western and American Samoa, Canada and the United States (and of course Fiji), so it was good to get a few from each country attending.

Some of the following pictures are from Treasure Island, whilst others are just from random places which I explain above each image.

I took the following shot just after we walked an entire lap of  Treasure island, it took us approximately 20 minutes. We sat here to take in the view and relax on the sand whilst the kids explored what the ocean had washed up.

Not far from Treasure island was Beachcomber island where some brave souls swam across and then back again.

I liked the signs they had on the island directing us to the beach front Bures (Bure is the Fijian word for a wood-and-straw hut, similar to a cabin with Fijian decor).

Chicken & Prawns for dinner, can’t get any better than this (accompanied by cocktails of course).

After Treasure Island, we stopped by my family island. There are no roads, electricity, TV, etc, it’s all is natural, living off the land, you even shower under the waterfall of naturally flowing spring water. Every time I come to Fiji, I visit my family that live here on a permanent basis.

The last time I came I stayed for an entire month, unfortunately this time it was only a day trip (I don’t think my wife would survive here anyway). I love this shot with the clothes just swaying in the breeze, to show that this is our home, where our family comes from and not just a tropical getaway.

I also took my wife to see the Fijian Museum for a bit of a history lesson, Namosi is the province my family originates from, and after seeing a rock with this sign attached in reference, it made me glad the way we settle things now in my family are a bit more civilized. Well I would hope so.

Finally a picture my wife is proud of as she (claimed to have) saved the life of this wandering baby cane toad along the path at the resort we stayed at in Denarau. She happily placed it on a Lily in a pond and watched it hop away, though I am sure within the next two minutes a bird swooped down and ate it.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my assortment of photos from my Fiji trip last year. I could have posted more if my head wasn’t in it, but I hope these will suffice.




I visited the Botanical Gardens in Sydney’s west yesterday and cruised though it’s Japanese gardens, was so glad I did. Here are just a few shots I took on the day. Apparently there is a lot more to do around here but we got chased away by mosquito’s in the evening. Will definitely return in Cherry Blossom season..

After my last post “when nature calls”, I shared a picture of that spider that may bite me in the near future and turn me into Spider man, but until that day you see me wearing a Lycra bodysuit, I would like to share a picture of the Opera house I took from the bridge that day for our international visitors alongside some statistical information. In my opinion, I also think it is the best city in Australia to live in and I’m sure some may disagree, particularly those creatures from Melbourne (*insert evil laugh here*).

Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Population: 4,012,457
Size: 1580 square kilometres
Median age range of residents is 35-39 years
Most popular website used:
(I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my statistics, but I’d say they are relatively correct)


Yo Yo Yo to our millions of fans, “L”, Mushati (a secret name for a secret identity) and “I” just returned form a little Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in a food court we like to call little Italy, it makes sense. It was delicious, especially with the copious amounts of chilli we threw in. I opted not to use the chopsticks as they frustrate me after about a minute of use, so the fork and spoon sufficed. We shared a table the size of soccer ball where all the stitches are removed, and you spread it out, hope you know what I mean. It was an image that just came to my head when thinking of that table.

Drinking from the bowl was a must to adsorb all the flavors and left over chilli seeds, so the sweat beads were showing. Here is a pic of my bowl which I eventually polished off.

Enjoy the pic folks and go get yourself some Beef Noodles…