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Being of Croatian ancestry I grew up with pastas, lasagnas, schnitzels, gnocchi and the like. I’ve always loved cooking and was taught well by my Nona and mum along with working in a kitchen whilst finishing up the last few years of school. On Saturday my sister sent me and my girlfriend on a pizza and gnocchi cooking course where we learnt to cook a few dishes. The first dish was fried pizza which I’d never cooked and as far as I can remember never eaten it. It turned out amazing. Frying the base allows you to top the pizza with fresh uncooked ingredients like ricotta, bocconcini, a host of veggies and cured meats like pancetta and prosciutto. Next up came two very different variations of gnocchi. One was boiled with baked sauce of tomato, olive, cheese, basil sauce and the other a grilled gnocchi with sage butter. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed eating it all!