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Sup fans, I had a really big night out at Bungalow 8 bar in Sydney 2 weeks ago and had these random shots on my phone, I don’t really remember the night thanks to alcoholic beverages, all I know is that it was an awesome night.

Nice Lights



No Splash


With Splash

Keeping it simple my human friends.


Sup fans, I have already failed my daily photo challenge 2 days into it, I tried my best to get a picture yesterday and decided no one should have to see the broccoli and mushrooms that accompanied my sausages I had for dinner.

Today I took my kids to Sydney Park in St.Peters (Sydney), the kids “loved” the playground and I’d recommend it to any parent that wants to get the kids out of the house. I enjoyed taking photo’s of the historic site that used to be part of the old brick works building that was built back in the 1870’s.

Following are a few shots taken from my iPhone, I have a lot more on my SLR but it will take me some time to edit, so I will post those later.

Firstly, a bit of art I saw on a truck that was selling chicken wings. The chefs were apparently famous, not famous to me though, my wife is my famous chef.


The following pictures are of the historic site I mentioned earlier.




Jupiter shining through the clouds below. OK, just kidding, its the sun.


The following shots were taken at the base of the chimney’s.




At the top of the hill we got a good view of Sydney city.


We left as the sun was setting, a good way to finish off the day.


Hope you enjoyed our trip in Sydney Park….

Hello again fans, Sydney weather is starting to clear up, still cold enough to freeze your lips together, but at least it’s stopped raining for now. L and I went out on a photo shoot during the week around Luna Park after work, a short 15 minute walk from our office, though we still jumped on the train to get more photography time, or maybe we were just lazy. The following are just some of the shots I produced.

This one was L’s idea, spotted while we were walking down towards Luna Park. This is Sydney’s iconic Opera house viewed between the Harbour Bridge pillars.

The iconic Luna Park entrance, such a happy face.

The following are just two different types of shots I took of the Ferris wheel.

Behind Luna park I took a shot across to the residential region of McMahon’s Point. OK, I duplicated some of the stars in case you are a confused astronomer.

As we left Luna Park (because it was surprisingly closed for a conference), I took this shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And this shot was taken across to Sydney from under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I hoped you have enjoyed this little journey around Milsons point, and a special thanks to L who gave me a few pointers on night shooting. Thanks for stopping by.

This is a time lapse I shot while driving from Sydney’s northern beaches to the other side of the city via the Sydney harbour tunnel. Shot on an iPhone 4S with iTimeLapse, one photo every 2 seconds and rendered at 13 frames/sec.

After my last post “when nature calls”, I shared a picture of that spider that may bite me in the near future and turn me into Spider man, but until that day you see me wearing a Lycra bodysuit, I would like to share a picture of the Opera house I took from the bridge that day for our international visitors alongside some statistical information. In my opinion, I also think it is the best city in Australia to live in and I’m sure some may disagree, particularly those creatures from Melbourne (*insert evil laugh here*).

Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Population: 4,012,457
Size: 1580 square kilometres
Median age range of residents is 35-39 years
Most popular website used:
(I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my statistics, but I’d say they are relatively correct)


Thanks L for giving me a few tips in today’s photo shoot out and about in the city. Since we did walk around the same area we have similar photo’s so I am just posting some different ones I shot to share with our CZ fans. A building, a tree and some water….WOW!!!

Quick post! This afternoon myself and B went out on a photo shoot around Sydney’s city and I just wanted to share some photos. We started off with a visit to Wagamama for a bowl of ramen and then roamed the streets and alley ways between Town Hall and Central Station in search of interesting subjects to shoot. Have a look at the photos below!