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Hello fans,

It has been such good weather here in Sydney the last few days and I got a chance to get out of the house and take the family to Newington Armory Wharf cafe for breakfast. It is setup alongside the Parramatta river, and also has some historic sites and a massive playground nearby which I seemed to enjoy more than the kids, especially the flying fox which makes me feel like I’m taking part in a scene from an action movie.

For breakfast I selected the baked eggs, chorizo & tomato w/ herbs, balsamic syrup and toasted casa panotte accompanied by a long black coffee which you can see from the attached pictures. It was rather oily but very enjoyable.

It was very hot outside so while the wife and kids waited in the car for 10 minutes with the air conditioning keeping them cool, I ran around to get some quick snaps, here are a selected few. Enjoy!


Today as I went for my regular morning caffeine hit before heading into the office, I asked my Barista where my coffee is grown. Segafredo Zanetti is an Italian branded coffee, in fact one of the biggest, that is grown in both Brasil and Bologna, Italy. I told him of my adventures in Italy in both 2000 and 2007, including a visit to Bologna. Here are a few pics I took in this historic city.

If you are scared of heights, particularly when climbing up old wooden stairs to the top of one of Italy’s tallest towers while it makes sounds that I think it shouldn’t, then don’t go up the tower.

my cafe

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Morning fellow readers. Up super early today, whacked on my clothes in the dark so as not to wake the family, hoping my clothes are matching, even better, I hope I didn’t pick up any of my wife’s clothes, though that would be a tight fit.

Decided to listen to some 80’s tracks on the iPod this morning on the way to work for some reason, takes me back to the days that I don’t really remember, though I still believe it was the best decade to live in, but enough of that. At the station waiting for my train, a friend had spotted me with my head down kicking leaves about, I’m not sure what was in my head at the time, but at least I had company on the way in, it was a good catch up.

Half an hour later my train pulled up into the city, and before heading into the office, I went straight to my regular Cafe that I love going to because it takes me back to the time I was in Italy a few years back. It has the standard Venice mask, images of Italy and a giant pizza sign at the front entrance . This morning, they even had the Italian soccer live on television, the Barista was waving his hands about shouting abuse in Italian, anyhow, here is a shot of my coffee, and yes, that is King Kong in the background fighting a huge sea creature of some sort.