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Okay, I have decided to stage a comeback to blogging on the awesomeness that is B has been a bit lonely and it’s about time we started to get some more hits on this awesome site. So yeah, welcome back me (insert applause here).

What have I been up to you ask? Well I’ve been working on my photography skills lately and trying new techniques. One area I have been really into is macro and what I like to do is photograph things that people can’t normally see with their naked eyes. Examples being extreme close-ups of flies, mosquitoes, grass, plants etc. See the photos attached to this post for some examples! For those in the know I use adapter rings that allow me to mount lenses on top of other lenses, reverse mount lenses, extension tubes to hold lenses further away from the camera body and other exciting tools of the trade like macro filters etc. If anyone want’s to know what I am rambling on about or have any questions feel free to comment and ask.

So apart from the photography, my girlfriend and I have planned a 6 week trip away to Croatia and Kenya this August-September. These two countries are obviously quite distant to each other but as always when travelling around I have to see my Croatian relatives. Hopefully my Croatian language skills are still up to scratch seeing as only half of the family speak English! It’s always fun trying to communicate to them and the town locals. In Croatia I’ll be staying in Istria (the north-west of Croatia, bordering Slovenia and across the Adriatic to Venice, Italy). The plan is to hang with family, eat their amazing food, chill out on their crystal clear beaches and do a few day trips around the place. From there flying down to Kenya to meet a friend who will be taking us on a few safaris in 3 game parks, 5 day trek up Mt Kenya, relaxing in Mombassa on the coast and sightseeing in Nairobi.

Until next post, which hopefully isn’t another 6 months away, peace.