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Hello fans,

My daily photo challenge is an epic fail thus far, I may have to change it to the weekly photo challenge.

The following pictures were taken from my iPhone last Friday on our way to the Commodore Hotel in McMahon’s Point for lunch, it’s just a short 5 minute walk from North Sydney station for those who would like some specifics. We actually walked past ┬áthe view below at first when I saw the bridge through the bushes which you can see in the shot below, then I stumbled back to get the other one.



Let’s see how the rest of my daily/weekly photo challenge goes….


After my last post “when nature calls”, I shared a picture of that spider that may bite me in the near future and turn me into Spider man, but until that day you see me wearing a Lycra bodysuit, I would like to share a picture of the Opera house I took from the bridge that day for our international visitors alongside some statistical information. In my opinion, I also think it is the best city in Australia to live in and I’m sure some may disagree, particularly those creatures from Melbourne (*insert evil laugh here*).

Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Population: 4,012,457
Size: 1580 square kilometres
Median age range of residents is 35-39 years
Most popular website used:
(I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my statistics, but I’d say they are relatively correct)


hey fans,

I am tired but feeling good after I decided to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way home form work today, bypassing two train stations as the sun was out, the sky was clear blue, and there was a nice cool breeze on my pretty face. So many other humans were either walking, running or riding across the bridge, it must of been the day for it. I think I will do this more often as it was good for the mind, body and soul.

You must be wondering why the subject is labelled when nature calls, well I didn’t wet my pants while I was walking across the bridge, nor did I get to enjoy watching someone else doing a wee wee. The subject is more to do with the photo I’ve attached. I took this from my balcony of a spider that I wish wasn’t so close, it’s just out of reach from a spray of insect repellent, and if I tried to stretch out anymore with the cutters to chop the main branch, I will fall to a graceful death. All I can do is watch him/her do what he/she does best, pose for my camera.