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Alright, so I has some left over pizza dough that needed cooking and had a crazy idea – I should attempt a “bruschetta pizza”, it worked marvellously. Fried up a pizza base, covered it with ricotta cheese then mixed up some tomato, spanish onion, basil, salt and pepper and threw it on top. Then drizzled olive oil and a thick balsamic reduction over it. Nice! Also recreated last nights garlic cheese and herb pizza. Here are the results:




Here’s a look at some food I ate over the last 3 days…

Portuguese chicken skewer with chilli sauce.


Hot sauce pizza made further hotter with tabasco
Just so happens to be the same as B’s previous post! In case you haven’t caught on by now, we love our hot sauce and chilli!


Home made garlic, herb and cheese pizza
In answer to the question in your mind right now, yes we can make our own pizza bases.