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Sup fans, I have already failed my daily photo challenge 2 days into it, I tried my best to get a picture yesterday and decided no one should have to see the broccoli and mushrooms that accompanied my sausages I had for dinner.

Today I took my kids to Sydney Park in St.Peters (Sydney), the kids “loved” the playground and I’d recommend it to any parent that wants to get the kids out of the house. I enjoyed taking photo’s of the historic site that used to be part of the old brick works building that was built back in the 1870’s.

Following are a few shots taken from my iPhone, I have a lot more on my SLR but it will take me some time to edit, so I will post those later.

Firstly, a bit of art I saw on a truck that was selling chicken wings. The chefs were apparently famous, not famous to me though, my wife is my famous chef.


The following pictures are of the historic site I mentioned earlier.




Jupiter shining through the clouds below. OK, just kidding, its the sun.


The following shots were taken at the base of the chimney’s.




At the top of the hill we got a good view of Sydney city.


We left as the sun was setting, a good way to finish off the day.


Hope you enjoyed our trip in Sydney Park….


Hello fans,

It has been such good weather here in Sydney the last few days and I got a chance to get out of the house and take the family to Newington Armory Wharf cafe for breakfast. It is setup alongside the Parramatta river, and also has some historic sites and a massive playground nearby which I seemed to enjoy more than the kids, especially the flying fox which makes me feel like I’m taking part in a scene from an action movie.

For breakfast I selected the baked eggs, chorizo & tomato w/ herbs, balsamic syrup and toasted casa panotte accompanied by a long black coffee which you can see from the attached pictures. It was rather oily but very enjoyable.

It was very hot outside so while the wife and kids waited in the car for 10 minutes with the air conditioning keeping them cool, I ran around to get some quick snaps, here are a selected few. Enjoy!