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This is a time lapse I shot while driving from Sydney’s northern beaches to the other side of the city via the Sydney harbour tunnel. Shot on an iPhone 4S with iTimeLapse, one photo every 2 seconds and rendered at 13 frames/sec.


Hi all, hope all is well. It’s 7:26 in the morning here and I am the only one awake at home, I’m wearing pants and have the fan on keeping me cool.

I got the new iPhone 4S two days ago and thought I would post some random images I took as I was very impressed with the picture quality.

This first shot was taken at a local cafe, I wanted to eat all of these cakes and desserts, but instead all I had was a coffee, a long black to be more specific. The others include a random number on a wall, a new canvas picture of Paris I bought to hang at home, and my growing magnet collection in my fridge of places either I have been to, or friends have gotten for me as souvenir gifts.

I thought to be a good photographer, I should be able to take a picture of anything anywhere, so here are my attempts.