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Hello fans,

My daily photo challenge is an epic fail thus far, I may have to change it to the weekly photo challenge.

The following pictures were taken from my iPhone last Friday on our way to the Commodore Hotel in McMahon’s Point for lunch, it’s just a short 5 minute walk from North Sydney station for those who would like some specifics. We actually walked past  the view below at first when I saw the bridge through the bushes which you can see in the shot below, then I stumbled back to get the other one.



Let’s see how the rest of my daily/weekly photo challenge goes….


Sup fans, to try and keep my daily photo challenge happening, I took some shots of my weights today using my iPhone after a session. I tried to make them look as artsy as possible, if that’s even a word.

I generally lift weights three times a week at home and do some form of cardio whether it be jogging, cycling, boxing or skipping one or two times a week in addition.

I miss being part of a sports club, I previously trained Muay Thai just before my wife and I had kids, but decided it was better to train at home to spend more time with them, what a dad!! Perhaps if I was still training there, some of my daily photo’s would of been cuts and bruises, some were fantastic. I remember coming home to my wife saying “Check this out” with a big smile on my face, and generally she would respond by shaking her head and rolling her eyes at me.

Below are my wonderful Dumbbells, followed by my exotic Curl bar, a 4 stack of 1.25kg weights, and a bit of my bench.





It proved to be quiet a challenge to select something simple from my every day life, and then try and make it something worth looking at through the eyes of a camera. I hope that I have achieved that here today, if not, I can only try.

Hi All, just posting some images from my visit to the local museum using an external fish eye lens I purchased on eBay for the iPhone, not too bad for something that fits in your pocket.

Hi all, hope all is well. It’s 7:26 in the morning here and I am the only one awake at home, I’m wearing pants and have the fan on keeping me cool.

I got the new iPhone 4S two days ago and thought I would post some random images I took as I was very impressed with the picture quality.

This first shot was taken at a local cafe, I wanted to eat all of these cakes and desserts, but instead all I had was a coffee, a long black to be more specific. The others include a random number on a wall, a new canvas picture of Paris I bought to hang at home, and my growing magnet collection in my fridge of places either I have been to, or friends have gotten for me as souvenir gifts.

I thought to be a good photographer, I should be able to take a picture of anything anywhere, so here are my attempts.