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I thought I would share with you a shot I took of a dessert I cannot get enough of, Ricotta Cannoli.

Whenever I go past an Italian patisserie, I have to jump in to pick up a box of these bad boys. Nothing beats sitting down on the lounge in front of the TV on a cold winters day, the heater keeping me warm with a coffee in one hand, and a Ricotta Cannoli in the other, and then someone special to clean up afterwards. If I had three hands, the other would be holding my PlayStation controller, or possibly my wife’s hand.



Hey fans, sorry there hasn’t been any recent posts from myself, I have been pretty much stuck at home since my wife gave birth to bubba number 3  just over one and a half weeks ago.

Not sure where “L” is at with his posts though, perhaps someone stole his keyboard over the weekend, but I’m sure he’ll be back online soon.

Anyway, I did have to do some grocery shopping today, well the wife did and I just followed, but we did stop by Bar Angolo Pizzeria located on the corner of La Strada and La Piazza at Top Ryde shopping centre for lunch. I have been here several times in the past and can say I do enjoy the food and the service.

Today I had my regular long black coffee, accompanied with a Salsiccia Pizza made up of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Spinach, Parmesan, Pancetta & Sausages. I gave it the thumbs up.

Today as I went for my regular morning caffeine hit before heading into the office, I asked my Barista where my coffee is grown. Segafredo Zanetti is an Italian branded coffee, in fact one of the biggest, that is grown in both Brasil and Bologna, Italy. I told him of my adventures in Italy in both 2000 and 2007, including a visit to Bologna. Here are a few pics I took in this historic city.

If you are scared of heights, particularly when climbing up old wooden stairs to the top of one of Italy’s tallest towers while it makes sounds that I think it shouldn’t, then don’t go up the tower.