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Hello again fans,

I’m just posting a few chosen pictures from my recent travels in Switzerland. I ventured through Lucerne, Interlaken and scaled the peaks of Jungfrau Mountain standing at 13641 feet.

I really enjoyed Switzerland, just to sit on the luscious green grass and stare into the mountains, taking in the crisp clean air is an experience in itself. I also recommend going white water rafting as I had done on my first trip back in 2000. I remember jumping in the icy waters from the raft when we approached calmer waters, it was a sure recovery from all the schnaps we had the night before.

I have no digital pictures to post of the rafting adventures from my first trip as digital cameras were still a new technology so I only have it on film (not sure if digital cameras were even around then), the second time around that changed which allowed me to share some of the images below. Enjoy!