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Sup fans, today was a very busy day for our team at work but I’m glad it’s over.

Today there was a combination of exciting items as explained in the subject, though not combined.

First of all I will explain “Lunch”, my colleagues and I went to Nando’s Portuguese restaurant for lunch. I had a Mediterraian salad as seen below with additional “hot” grilled chicken. I enjoyed the chicken, feta, cherry tomatoes and the greens, but one of my pet hates is when olives are mixed in a dish, and not pitted. Sure it’s easy to spit out the seed, but I don’t enjoy placing a mouthful of chicken and salad in my mouth only to have to concentrate on how to remove the seed that is sitting in the middle of it all. Anyway, that’s my whinge, I’m over it now.


Next topic, “Mould”. D has a mug on his desk which originally was left with a bit of unfinished coffee, it was somehow forgotten in the sands of time and now has started to grow. We agreed that this should be allowed to live like the rest of our species, though it will be covered with cling wrap to hide the interesting scent. Personally I hope that a new species will develop from this and we will become famous. See below, I may be able to provide you with an update in a few weeks.


And finally, “Bridge”. After work I decided to go for a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I usually run across, but you don’t really take in and appreciate the lovely views, and it’s sometimes nice to do it this way. Below are just some of the shots taken from my iPhone.




See you all soon….


After eating some Nigari salmon for lunch with the guys from work, I suddenly had a sweet tooth so we decided to treat ourselves, we found a patisserie and I’m now ready to dig into my marble cheesecake and lemon macaroon back in the office…



OK, I only ate the cheesecake today, to eat both would of been over the top..

Another Friday, another good day, another weekend to look forward to. Today my colleagues and I went across the road to the pub for lunch and I took a snapshot from my phone of the meal that was accompanied with some vino.

Salmon, mash, crispy sweet potato slices (I don’t know the official name) and some assortments of sauces. Delicious…..


Sup folks, today I had a big sandwich for lunch, so big they call it the meat father and you guessed it, it’s got meat in it. Ingredients include Italian Sausages, Salami, Ham, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo. You may have one of these sandwich stores near you. It’s called Little Vienna and if you spot one and love meat, grab one of these bad boys. The other shot is of a tree I was waiting under, the Sun was shining on me like I was the chosen one. No one chose me, so I took my sandwich and head back to the office.