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I thought I would share with you a shot I took of a dessert I cannot get enough of, Ricotta Cannoli.

Whenever I go past an Italian patisserie, I have to jump in to pick up a box of these bad boys. Nothing beats sitting down on the lounge in front of the TV on a cold winters day, the heater keeping me warm with a coffee in one hand, and a Ricotta Cannoli in the other, and then someone special to clean up afterwards. If I had three hands, the other would be holding my PlayStation controller, or possibly my wife’s hand.



Hi fans,

Still at home with the wife, kids and new born so I haven’t had a chance to escape and bring home a story. I decided to find and post some pictures from past travels and today I chose some shots from Venice, Italy. These were all taken before I was into photography and had a DSLR, so I hope they are worthy of a view. I have been to Venice numerous times, and will have to wait for the kids to grow a little before I return to Europe again to enjoy the culture, food and history.

I especially enjoyed seeing the Bell Tower in Venice, it reminded of the many times I jumped off it……on the PlayStation console playing Assassin’s Creed. Enjoy!