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Hi fans, I realize it’s been over a week, so from today I have decided to try to post a photo everyday, whether it be with from my SLR or iPhone.

Having to wait for a nice day to get out and about to get some nice pictures with my SLR doesn’t happen too often, today I will start with some shots from Cheeky Chocolate taken from my iPhone today, a local cafe with vintage french decor, accompanied with french music playing in the background. The coffee and desserts are always a treat.

The entrance to the cafe…


Some random French display..


Candle shot…


And finally some macaroons on display.


Funnily enough I didn’t get any shots of what my wife and I actually had. Until the next post….


Awesome blog post

Posted: 27/04/2012 by L in random
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This post is amazing. You will read it and think wow those guys at really know their stuff and they relate to me in so many ways. You will also like this post just because I said so. My day today will be great. Why? Because its Friday of course. What do I think about on Fridays? The weekend. Wait the weekend is what I think about every day… I’m sitting on a bus right now, then I will swap to an exciting train for the remainder of my daily trip to work. Enjoy your Friday! That is all! Wow what a great post!

Where I stand

Posted: 29/03/2012 by B in photography, random, travel
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Hey fans,

Yesterday as I was waiting for my choo choo train to go home, I decided to take some random snaps from my phone at the station. They are simple pics but there was not much else do to, and then I ended being proud of them (*high fives himself*).