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Hey fans, sorry there hasn’t been any recent posts from myself, I have been pretty much stuck at home since my wife gave birth to bubba number 3  just over one and a half weeks ago.

Not sure where “L” is at with his posts though, perhaps someone stole his keyboard over the weekend, but I’m sure he’ll be back online soon.

Anyway, I did have to do some grocery shopping today, well the wife did and I just followed, but we did stop by Bar Angolo Pizzeria located on the corner of La Strada and La Piazza at Top Ryde shopping centre for lunch. I have been here several times in the past and can say I do enjoy the food and the service.

Today I had my regular long black coffee, accompanied with a Salsiccia Pizza made up of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Spinach, Parmesan, Pancetta & Sausages. I gave it the thumbs up.